fairSIM screencasts

Videos of fairSIM in use.
Videos are in real-time (might stutter sligtly due to 15 fps framerate).

OMX Membrane (LSECs)

Quick reconstruction of the figure in our current manuscript. (video download)

OMX Actin (LSECs)

Step-by-step reconstruction, with checking fit results and using the OTF attenuation (video download)

Zeiss Actin

Demonstrates reconstruction, the intermediate results feature of the parameter estimation and saving parameters (video download)

OMX Actin (U2OS)

Demonstrates loading reconstruction parameters as well as experimentally determined OTFs from file, and using the raw output mode. (video download)

SLM-SIM Tetraspeck

Demonstrates reconstruction of data from early stages of our home-build SLM SIM, including tuning the parameter estimation to less than 1.6-fold resolution improvement (video download)